The Original Adirondack Chair
The Original Adirondack Chair
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DIY Adirondack Chair 29 Piece Kit
DIY Adirondack Chair 29 Piece Kit
DIY Adirondack Chair 29 Piece Kit
Heritage Furniture Sonoma

DIY Adirondack Chair 29 Piece Kit

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This is our classic Adirondack chair that is ready for you to assemble. It can be easily assembled in less than an hour, with an allen wrench, a socket or box end wrench and a phillips screwdriver.

This chair is best for shipping as the costs of sending an assembled chair isn't always feasible. (2x to 3x higher than the kit)

The chair comes partially primed with exposed stainless steel hardware and round top screws. You have the option of getting another coat of primer applied to each piece, and also ordering recessed screws instead. 

We build the chair up in its entirety, to ensure proper fitment of all pieces, and then disassemble and ship it to you. We recommend applying the 1st coat or 2 of paint before assembly and then you can touch up after assembly. A chair typically takes 1 - 2 hours to paint after assembly. 

(Please see sample shipping costs at bottom of description)

We use Benjamin Moore "Fresh Start" Primer.

Our 1st option is to treat the bottom of each leg with Benjamin Moore C2 Ultimate Wood Protection (Recommended for damp settings like a lawn) - additional $15 per chair.

Our 2nd option is to add another coat of primer for an extra layer of protection. Extra primer allows a single coat of paint to cover the chair easier. - additional $15 per chair.

Our 3rd option is to use recessed flat head screws instead of the round top screws. - additional $10 per chair.


Approximate Shipping Costs from Sonoma (per chair / 2 chairs):

Seattle - $ 55 / 80

San Diego - $ 50 / 75

Denver - $ 60 / 85

St. Louis - $ 70 / 95

Fort Lauderdale - $ 80 / 105

Portland, Maine - $ 80 / 105