The Original Wood Adirondack Chair (707) 287-4544 Custom made in the USA
The Original Wood Adirondack Chair (707) 287-4544 Custom made in the USA
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Materials we use to build your chairs.

If you are not ordering one of our redwood chairs, then you are purchasing one of our painted chairs, which are built out of a combination of exterior grade plywood and pine. See information about these wood types below.

We like to consider our chairs as using repurposed wood. Plywood uses thin layers and uses more of the tree than traditional lumber. The primed pine is finger jointed and made out of smaller pieces of pine scraps to make the larger pieces we use. 

Exterior Grade Plywood

We use ACX plywood on our painted chairs. ACX is constructed of a very high grade plywood. It is not made from a species of wood or tree, but rather from veneers, which are layered together with each layer’s grain perpendicular to the surrounding two layers. Each 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood has waterproof glue has minimal knot gaps, or air pockets in the layers.

Soft and hard wood planks has a tendency to be brittle and snap while plywood bends slightly and is more forgiving, so it works better as seat and backrest pieces.

As with any outdoor furniture, it should get a fresh coat of paint every 3-5 years.

Nuts, Bolts and Screws

We use stainless steel (SS) carriage bolts, nuts and screws. SS is highly resistant to corrosion which makes it the best choice for outdoor furniture.

With stainless steel, the addition of nitrogen also improves resistance to pitting corrosion and increases mechanical strength.

We use 2" long SS screws to fasten all boards as the longer length provides for increased strength between connections and less flexing of the joint.


Spraying paint allows the crevices between boards to receive a continuous thickness of material. We use all Benjamin Moore products on our patio furniture.

We apply 2 coats of paint, and you can also order a 3rd coat of paint for extra protection.